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What is VizAssist?

VizAssist is a user assistant that helps you turn your data into a visualization. VizAssist proceeds with the following main steps:

  1. Load the data: Start with a demo file, and in a second step, if you want to use your own data, then please follow these instructions,
  2. Tell VizAssist about your objectives. What kind of data mining tasks do you want to solve? What functionalities would you like to find in the obtained visualizations? If you don't know, then select the “I don't option”!
  3. Select the visualizations that your favor or that best match your data and your objectives. In this step, VizAssist proposes you a list of visualizations, with thumbnails, and with two scores: the first score is about the matching between your objectives and the visualizations. The second score is about the quality of the mapping between the data attributes (the colomn in your table) to the visual attributes of the visualizations. Here VizAssist expects to you to select some of the visualizations (or all if you do not know),
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