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About the VizAssist project

The VizAssist project is conducted by Fatma Bouali and Gilles Venturini with the contribution of several people:

  • Noureddine Saifi, MSc student, 2008: first implementation of the Visualization model and of an initial matching algorithm,
  • Abdelheq Guettala, PhD student, and Christiane Guinot, 2009/2013: second version of VizAssist with an implementation in Java and with several visualizations in Java3D. This version was off-line and it integrated a first Interactive Genetic Algorithm,
  • Jean Debarochez, Remy Pradignac, 2013/2014: development of the third version of VizAssist and improvement of several functionalities. This is the first on-line version!

We address our special thanks and gratitude to the D3js creators and to all the D3js community, and especially to the developers who are sharing their code. In VizAssist, the code of most of the visualizations was adapted from existing on-line versions.

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